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Being is Parting

17.3.2016 - 6.4.2016


Artists: Ayelet Dayan Shwartz, Gal Cohen, Galia Rogner-Cohen, Dubi Roman, Dana Darvish, Yaniv Zaloof, Yaara Oren, Liron Cohen, Maya Tevet Dayan, Moran Shoub, Merav Shinn Ben-Alon, Nura Porat, Reuma Chayot, Romy Shay, Shirel Safra, Sharon Fidel, Tamir David

Curator: Reuma Chayot

Being is parting. Every moment of our lives we are called on to part from the things we love: from people, habits, opinions, perspectives, health, beauty and youth, even our own image and identity. Still, parting represents change, and it is tied to a feeling of pain and sorrow that drives us to avoid it at all costs. But is it not this eternal process of separation that allows for all the beauty and love in our life to take place?


A Buddhist parable describes a man who is standing at the edge of a field of flowers at dawn. He looks over this field and sees the flowers opening, the drops of morning dew glimmering on their petals. He knows that this is so only for an instant, that shortly the drops of dew will slip down onto the earth and evaporate, and the flowers will remain still. From the transience and vulnerability of this moment, one can experience all of the beauty of the world together with the innate understanding that everything passes. Even pain, beauty, and inspiration, are all just fleeting moments, temporary meetings between the sensory input and conscious thought, the breath and bodily feeling of the man standing at the edge of the field. (Matty Liblich, Between Pain, Sorrow, and Hardship).


This exhibition features works by 17 artists in a variety of mediums. The works are organized in the space chronologically in accordance to our life cycle from birth to death. They deal with questions of identity and memory that are brought up when we process and go through intense changes in our lives. One of them, death, is an encounter that accompanies us throughout our lives, not just at their end. But an encounter with death does not necessarily represent the end of life but rather the beginning of a new one. Often we experience separations before we have even begun to comprehend the enormous void they threaten to spit open within us. Sometimes years can pass before we realize the effect they have had on us. 17 artists have contributed paintings, drawings, collages, photographs, video and sound pieces, and poetry, intimate moments from their own lives, to this unique exhibition.


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